2023. February 24.

10+1 questions about .NET

2023. February 24.

The versatility of the .NET framework is attracting the attention of more and more professionals. The object-oriented framework was introduced by Microsoft in 2002 as the successor to VBA. Its main advantage is that it can be used to develop web, desktop, and mobile applications. We have collected 10+1 questions about .NET!

The most popular questions about the .NET framework

1. What is the .NET framework?

The .NET framework  is a comprehensive platform for building a variety of Windows applications. It can be used to develop classes, libraries, and APIs, run web services, and applications, deploy code and debug. It is an object-oriented system that supports languages such as C#, VB and Perl.

2. What are the general components of .NET?

The .Net framework consists of several components, such as the class library, the framework, the language runtime, and the application domain.

3. What is JIT in .NET?

JIT stands for Just In Time. It is used to convert intermediate code into native code. During the conversion process, the code is converted into byte code, which is processed by the CPU and the framework helps with the conversion.

4. What is MSIL?

MSIL stands for Microsoft Intermediate Language. It is responsible for instructions such as memory management and exception handling. It can also provide instructions for initialising and storing values and methods.

5. What is CTS?

CTS stands for Common Type System. It is a set of rules that determines what is the correct data type based on the value specified by the user. CTS rules can be used to create your classes and functions. This helps when a data type created in one programming language is called in another programming language.

6. What is CLR?

CLR stands for Common Language Runtime, a part of .NET that allows Common Intermediate Language code to run on a variety of platforms, including Unix, Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. It is the basis for many applications. In practice, a programmer writes code in C#, which is converted to intermediate code, and then the CLR works on it, while also taking into account aspects such as memory management and security protocols.

7. What is the difference between a class and an object?

An object is an element of a class that is used to access the properties of the class. The class is therefore a template for the object and describes its properties.

8. What is a BCL?

The foundation of .NET applications is the BCL, the Base Class Library of classes, interfaces, and value types. It is readily available to .NET developers and provides features such as diagnostics, and security supports interaction between the environment and the user and provides frequently used namespaces.

9. What is LINQ?

In 2008, Visual Studio introduced LINQ, a set of services that extend the query capability to the syntax of the .NET framework. It allows data to be managed independently of the source, i.e. it links the gap between objects and data.

10. How is state management done in .NET?

The state of objects must be constantly monitored and maintained; this is called state management. There are two types, one is client-side and the other is server-side. The former refers to the information stored on the client machine and in most cases consists of simple reusable objects. In the case of server-side the information is on the server, so it is much easier to manage and maintain.

+1 Why is .NET so popular with developers?

.NET offers many advantages for developers. It makes developers' jobs easier by providing a single platform to work on. It is platform-independent, secure, scalable, highly integrable and has a strong follow-up capability, which allows for a high level of exchange and continuous improvements and bug fixes.

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