2023. August 30.

IT Workforce: Professional IT Specialists Don't Grow on Trees

2023. August 30.

Ensuring IT capacity that meets the demands is essential for modern organizations. It depends on the company's needs regarding the size of its IT infrastructure and support. However, if you want to build and maintain a reliable infrastructure, you need to work with professional IT experts. What makes a good IT workforce, why is it challenging to find, and what options do companies have? In this article, we'll seek answers to these questions!

The advancement of technology and the rise of digitalization have led to an increasing demand for IT professionals in companies. However, it matters greatly whom we entrust with IT tasks. Before we outline the options available to companies, let's take a look at what makes a good IT workforce!

What makes a good IT workforce?


Some professionals are not particularly passionate about their work, and some are extremely enthusiastic. In the field of IT, anyone taken seriously in this industry is indeed a bit of a fanatic; information technology and technology are their passions. IT professionals must enjoy learning because continuous development and skill-building are essential.

Knowledge-based work

If you want to entrust your IT tasks to someone who can effectively serve the growth of your company, they must understand the organization's IT bloodstream and data flow, knowing why things happen the way they do. It's very important that they can comprehend the functioning of the business, meaning they should have business acumen alongside their IT skills.

Effective communication

It might sound cliché, but good communication is a hallmark of a professional IT expert. Someone who truly understands their job also excels in soft skills and can "translate" technical jargon for clients who are likely not familiar with technical terminology.

Why is it challenging to assemble a good team?

Companies that want to make progress cannot avoid incorporating IT knowledge. However, this is not so simple. Let's explain why!

IT skills shortages

You often hear about skill shortages, and the field of IT has several specializations and roles falling into this category. IT professionals skilled in .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python, as well as experts in big data analysis and cloud-based system development and operation, are in high demand in the IT market. Because there are few professionals, the competition is fierce. If a company wants to assemble its development team, it must be prepared for an extensive search, as finding the best talent is a significant challenge.

Specialized knowledge is required

IT is a diverse field. An IT professional typically has expertise in several programming languages, frameworks, and areas such as webshop development, PWA development, native app development, etc. Therefore, it's crucial to determine the goal and the specific task you have in mind for your IT workforce because this guides your search.

Expanding application areas of IT

While in the past, it was relatively closed as to which areas would require IT experts, today, due to digitalization, every company has reached a point where it recognizes the need for IT involvement. This results in much greater competition for professionals.

Rapid technological change

Finding good talent is further complicated by the fact that the IT sector is in constant flux. New software, solutions, and innovations emerge daily, which must be kept up with, as failure to do so will result in falling behind in the fast-paced technology landscape.

Two paths for businesses: In-House or Outsourced team?

If someone needs IT capacity, they have two options: recruit an in-house team or hire an external company. Considering the workforce shortage and challenges mentioned above, recruiting an in-house team can be a bumpy road. Finding good talent in a company, and individuals committed to long-term support of the company is tough.

Outsourcing to an external team, on the other hand, can come with many advantages. When professionals are entrusted with the work, you can be assured that it will indeed be completed, without worrying that IT capacity will be directed towards other company issues, leaving development pending.

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