2023. March 21.

The case of custom software development with ChatGPT

2023. March 21.

Decades of development in artificial intelligence are slowly reaching the point where people are already consciously using solutions based on modern technology in their everyday lives and work. Of course, AI has been in our lives for years, but ChatGPT is something very different, a human-centric application that has taken over the world in the blink of an eye. Software based on generative AI could open a new chapter in many areas of life, such as creative industries and software development. But how is this to be understood? Is there a realistic chance that ChatGPT and similar solutions will take over the role of IT professionals and developers? How will it change the process of custom software development? That's what we write about in this blog post!

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a development of OpenAI, which became available to the general public in November 2022 and has gained 1 million users in just 5 days, boasting an estimated 100 million users today. The huge interest can be explained by the fact that it is something different from what the average person has seen from AI so far. And since access is free, it's no wonder that everyone wants to see for themselves what it's all about.

It's based on generative artificial intelligence, which uses human logic and habits to create its content. Compared to other chatbots, ChatGPT is highly advanced, but it has its limitations. The technology is advanced, but it may have problems with inaccurate contextualisation, it may produce inaccurate responses, and it relies on knowledge before 2021.

ChatGPT is an AI tool, anyone can use it, and ask it questions if they want to get some information. Some professions could benefit from it: besides the creative industry, software development could be a big winner for the new AI worker. Why use ChatGPT in software development and is it time for the technology to take over the software developer's job? Here are the answers!

Custom software development and ChatGPT

Let's start right away with the most important question on most people's minds, whether the time has come when AI can be used to replace an IT professional. The answer is no. Technology can be a huge support and aid in the development process, but it would be a stretch to think that from now on, there is no need for specialists.

Custom software development is a highly complex process, involving areas and skills such as business considerations, quality, and stability, software testability, security, ease of maintenance, and good performance. A software developer needs to take all these aspects into account when working on a program and align these requirements in a way that is consistent with the needs and provides a long-term solution. 

ChatGPT is currently unable to do this complex process. It cannot guarantee that the code is bug-free, that the software is easy to maintain, that it is flawless from a security point of view, or even that the code produced is not a copy of code found on the Internet.

How to use ChatGPT for custom software development!

We already see that ChatGPT does not take away work from developers. But it would be a mistake to think that it cannot have a positive impact in this area. Let's see how it can be used in custom software development!
ChatGPT can be a huge help for developers. For example, if someone wants to transfer their existing knowledge to another language, it can be of great service, as well as when they need inspiration or want to find a bug or improve a piece of code. It can also help with research, testing, code analysis, and documentation.

It allows for faster and more efficient development cycles and helps optimise the customer experience, not to mention taking the burden of repetitive tasks off people's shoulders. Using ChatGPT can speed up processes, making them more efficient, while still leaving the brunt of the work to the developer, but providing support that can come in handy, especially when time is of the essence. However, an unsupervised chatbot carries the potential for error, which the developer has to account for, so proper checks cannot be spared.

The new technology can therefore be a software development tool, helping to get software and applications to market much faster, and thus giving them a chance to gain a competitive edge.

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