2023. April 28.

.NET 8: a new chapter after .NET 7

2023. April 28.

After .NET 7 , .NET 8 has arrived, promising nothing less than cutting-edge performance and efficiency tools. With .NET 8, one can create cloud-based native apps and websites for desktop and mobile devices. Let's take a closer look at .NET 8!

The .NET Framework

The framework brought to life by Microsoft is a platform that enables rapid application development, platform independence, and network transparency. Created to replace COM, it now covers all areas of software development.

It is based on the Common Language Infrastructure, which describes the rules of the development environment. The Common Language Specification summarises the rules that CLI-compliant languages must follow. The Common Type System describes the types and their representations in memory, and the CLR, or Common Language Runtime, is responsible for running programs written in the CLI language.

Developments and enhancements in the first preview of .NET 8

Microsoft released the first preview of .NET 8 in February 2023, with new features focusing on memory usage and performance improvements. In this spirit, Native AOT, which allows for the creation of self-executing .exe, has been made smaller and required less memory. In numerical terms, this meant a 40% reduction in size for Windows and a 50% reduction for Linux.

The customisability of the .NET environment that was run was supported by the ability to build .NET directly on Linux. In addition, a new method was added to the classes that generate random numbers for cryptographic libraries, allowing element sets to be randomly ordered. Developers also reworked the 256-bit vector template so that it could now run on a platform that only supports 128-bit operations.

The second preview

A month later, in February, the second preview of the new service arrived, with the most important new feature being that Blazor code execution had been significantly sped up. This is based on jitepreter, which uses JIT technology to transform Blazor codes into ones that can run faster. Thanks to these solutions, the .NET runtime runs 46-86% faster.

A new feature introduced to developers is that the QuickGrid component has become part of the official .NET 8 subdirectory of Blazor.

Among the ASP.NET Core enhancements is the ability to signal when developers try to resolve more than one parameter from the trunk in a minimal API. And the new API allows for much more flexible integration.

Among the new library functions, we should mention System.componentModel.DataAnnotations, which introduced validation attributes, and RequiredAttribute and LengthAttribute. The former allows to check that structures do not match the default value, the latter can constrain strings to lower and upper bounds.

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