2023. January 30.

The benefits of custom software development

2023. January 30.

Websites are a source of information for users, represent the image and values of the company and play a significant role in the customer decision-making process. The two main approaches to website development are out-of-the-box, template-based development, and custom software development. The latter is more efficient in most cases. But why? What are the advantages of custom software development? We've put it all together in this article.

What is custom software development?

Custom software development means that the website or software is not created by filling an existing template or out-of-the-box product with the available information, but it is the unique, goal-focused work of software developers, UX/UI designers, and graphic designers. Although custom software development is typically slower and more expensive than out-of-the-box solutions, it is nevertheless a preferable option in most cases. Why? Let's see the benefits of custom software development!

The advantages of custom software development:


One of the most notable advantages of custom software development is uniqueness. Out-of-the-box solutions are typically based on templates that are available to anyone. You should know that these templates are often categorized by themes. So, if someone wants to create a website for a barber shop, the system will automatically offer the templates that best fit this purpose. This also means that the competition is working from the same set of templates, which means that a competitor could easily end up choosing the same template as us. This cannot happen with custom software development, as it is unique in every element and specifically serves your business.

Easy to use

In custom development, developers pay special attention to making the website easy to manage. It is straightforward to upload new content and photos, and this allows the client to be trained in a much shorter time. It's best if the client can edit and modify everything in the long run.

Adaptable to individual needs

A website or software can only fulfil its expectations if every element of it serves the interests of the user. Whether it's a webshop or a system that integrates processes within an organisation, the key principle is that it is tailored to the needs of the user. If it does, it can be a solid basis for any kind of marketing activity, from employer branding to sales. 


It's important to note that custom-built software and websites are more efficient in terms of search engine optimisation compared to theme-based ones. The former has several features that Google rewards, such as responsiveness and loading speed.


Custom software can be fully customised. This means that, with the right design, the transparency of processes can be increased. Take for example a webshop that has developed a custom system. It can track orders, purchasing, and stock levels, and even automation can be built in, contributing to work efficiency, performance, and productivity. Unique CRM systems can also be integrated, something that is often challenging with theme-based websites.


Custom websites have a prestige value on the market. This is because it demonstrates a high level of commitment and sophistication to develop a custom website, something that companies are typically proud of.

Advanced security

Custom development is generally considered to be more secure. SSL certificates help to ensure that data is secure and even Google prefers these security solutions.


Template-based systems have many barriers that are a lot of work to break through. If the customer stays within the framework there is usually no problem, but if they want something a little different, problems arise. This is also the case when it comes to increasing the capacity, for example, the number of products that can be uploaded to the webshop, etc. The scalability issue is much easier to resolve when it comes to a custom website.

Websites and programmes built with custom software development are unbeatable in terms of efficiency and can deliver higher returns. Tell us what your vision is and at SynerinSoft we will make it happen!


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